Suggested Reading
  1. Alcoholics Anonymous
    (This is the basic text of AA also called the Big Book)
    pages 576
    ISBN 1-893007-16-2
  2. Daily Reflections
    (Reflections by AA members for AA members)
  3. The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
    (of Alcoholics Anonymous)
    ISBN 0-916856-06-2
  4. Living Sober
    pages 90
    ISBN 0-916856-04-6
  5. Came to Believe
    (The spiritual adventure of AA as experienced by members)
  6. Language of the Heart
    (Bill W's Grapevine Writings)
    ISBN 0-933685-16-5
  7. Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age
    (A Brief History of AA)
    ISBN 0-916856-02-X
  8. Pass It On
    (The story of Bill Wilson and how the message of AA reached the world)
    ISBN 0-916856-12-7
  9. Dr. Bob and the Good Old Timers
    (A biography, with recollections of early AA in the Midwest)
    ISBN 0-916856-07-0